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Don’t need ready solution? Looking for specific item? Look no more, we have it.

Technology e-Shop

We separated technology products into two parts РSoftware and Hardware products.
We do not show you all what we have – we just show you those things which nobody else have in Azerbaijan


EKA technology division provides their own online and local based applications. At the same time EKA have large local and international partners network which can provide, create, install/adopt any software which make your business technologically up to date or even be ahead of time.


There is a regulation in most of global companies – update technology products each 18 month. It is confirmed that those companies which use this rule are more successful than those who do not know what technologies are and how they help to develop business.

Our mission is to not just sell technology products cheaper than others, but to give clear understanding which one is better for you and how to use it.

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